Business Areas — TRADECAP

Business Areas

Our objective is first and foremost to create the International Capacity House (I•C•H). This cultural platform will inspire relevant companies and individuals to interact and to develop relationships.


Our strategy has two equal tracks:

  1. Relationship-Building Activities in the International Capacity House (I•C•H).

  2. Trading, which is related to specific cultural ideas and needs.

We believe that a mutual cultural understanding promotes the interest in relevant trade agreements and vice versa trade agreements is promoting mutual culture understanding.

Commercial Focus Areas

Our immediate and limited commercial focus areas are as follows:

  • Technology which promotes sustainable development (such as wind energy, solar energy and waste incineration)

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Health related technology

  • Security systems

  • IT (Read More)

  • Water Purification and desalination systems

Cultural Exchange

With International Capacity House (I•C•H) we set out to create a community and a learning hub for cultural exchange of knowledge, skills and experience.  LEARN MORE ➞