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About Tradecap

Our mission is to create an exchange of culture, market needs, goods and services. We work to clarify common interests by developing close cooperations.

TRADECAP will pursue a position as a value-added focal point in future cultural exchange and trade agreements.

TRADECAP is an independent Danish company.
TRADECAP acts on market terms independently from Danish governmental or institutional interests.


We wish to make life easier for people who want to exchange culture, ideas, products, and services. 

Our intention is to give people the opportunity to meet and develop projects together for the benefit of individuals and communities.


TRADECAP is recognised to set the highest standards of cooperation that all stakeholders can benefit from.

Within our focus areas we will promote a mindset that builds bridges between human welfare needs and correct, modern and sustainable solutions.


Bringing our commitment to life. Our values define how our customers and partners experience us as individuals and as a company.

We will always measure ourselves on three essential parameters:

  1. A principle of subsidiarity. "You never walk alone”.
  2. We are driven by "a childlike engine" called passion.
  3. When they go low - we go high. We refer to a code of respect and responsibility. Transparency and compliance is our everyday life.

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