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We see a large growth potential in health technology.

There are three general trends in Denmark and the rest of the world:


There are more chronically ill patients. Today, approx. 60% of patients in Denmark are chronically ill. It gives a very high pressure on hospitals. It is therefore necessary to reconsider the health system.


There is a very large development in health technology:
New  different health technology devices, components and ways to measure things  as well as new ways to diagnose are developed. There is also a system integration. Many of the technologies are merging.


Increased need for telemedicine for prevention, diagnosis and treatment over distances due to e.g. fewer hospitals in peripheral areas. New types of technologies can monitor the patients in their home.
When the measuring instruments connect to the Internet, you can start collecting data in large databases. That improves the analysis work for the individual patient.
With accurate data, fewer patients are called to the hospitals. It provides savings and increased capacity in hospitals.